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Our Story

Beautiful creations fill the gallery space at the Mentone Arts Center in the Chuck Sennett Center for the Arts. The Mentone Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) corporation established to operate and maintain its namesake facility. In addition to our own operations, we collaborate with local non-profit organizations including the Little River Arts Area Council  (LRAC) and  the Mentone Educational Resources Foundation (MERF). Our goal is to promote the arts and artistic community, to promote the cultural history of the Mentone area, and to provide support for the art community. Be sure to visit the Mentone Arts Center to see what’s new!


The mission of the Mentone Arts and Cultural Center is to provide education about the rich history of the arts in the Lookout Mountain Region and the Mentone community. At MACC, we aim to promote, propagate and protect our community's artistic roots for current and future generations.

Paint Brushes


Creating a community art center in Mentone and the Lookout Mountain region has long been a dream of many in this mountain hamlet. The MACC team has worked tirelessly in 2020 to bring this dream to fruition. The MACC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, which means we will continue to need support and generosity from the community as the art center grows.

The work the folks at the Mentone Arts Center are doing is truly a gift to this area. Celebrating the arts is a great way to bring the community together!

Millie Shamburger

I can't wait to return to Mentone Arts Center and bring my friends with me! I love Mentone and I'm so glad the Arts Center has opened!

Dottye Pierce

The MAC and Chuck Sennett Center for the Arts is reviving the artistic history of the Mentone and Lookout Mountain area. It's such a cool thing to be part of!

Josephine Wood

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